The future of my web presence

I think I’m starting to move towards my actual hashtag goals here, which is “getting as close as possible to just text files on the internet and leave me alone, please.”

So I think I could go with the following sort of setup:

I really kind of like this idea, because it feels like accomplishing two things. One, this allows me to be more tinker-y and actually make and maintain a small website, which is a thing I used to love to do before I somehow became a professional meeting attendee. A not insignificant amount of what’s motivating me to take this particular approach is a strong sense of nostalgia for the internet’s earliest days, and I want to go back to a smaller, less trash-riddled experience on the internet.


The second thing it lets me do is just write. I live in markdown editors for their simplicity and efficiency, and I’d rather work in the systems I enjoy without the exhaustion of setting up and configuring a CMS or a series of accounts for, truly, just putting text on the internet. I already get paid actual money dollars to attend meetings in which people tell me their opinions about various internet properties under my portfolio; the last thing I want to do with my precious unpaid time is work on another one, or worry about whether it’s styled appropriately, or what’s happening with image layouts and do I need to test this on mobile to see what the behavior is–I am at maximum occupancy for those activities, and I have left all my aspirations about a design career very far in my rearview mirror.

This human and website are under construction.

under construction man